What do we offer

that others don't?

As well our core area of competence – strategic marketing consultancy – we can meet all your needs in the areas of defined marketing activities (e.g. advertising, events), right up to complete outsourcing. Our long and extensive experience in the IT industries has enabled us to specialize in software and Internet companies.

The fact that we are a complete service provider distinguishes us from many other agencies, who concentrate on one area such as public relations or advertising and mainly lack the necessary in-depth knowledge of the customer's specific industry.

Marketing from a single source

The combination of strategic consulting and marketing outsourcing opens up significant advantages, especially to young enterprises:

Every company, whether large or small, needs effective strategies for rapid growth and long-term success. Young companies with limited marketing budgets need an all-rounder who has not only sufficient experience in the development of strategies, but who is also creative and has a complete command of the marketing tools. But all-rounders are hard to find and are often too expensive for small firms. As a result, marketing is restricted to the area of communication (PR, brochures, fairs, etc.). In the worst case, such tasks are even carried out by sales people or assistants "on the side" because the marketing budget and hence the amount of marketing work doesn't justify employing someone full-time for the job.

We can provide you with an all-rounder, an expert who has extensive experience in the area of IT and marketing as well as in supporting small companies. If required, he can develop a tailor-made strategy and marketing plan together with you, within the given preconditions. From that moment on, you can relax, confident in the knowledge that the execution of the marketing plan, including the coordination of agencies, is our responsibility. And it will cost you no more than an employee, who, in most cases, is only familiar with a particular area such as marketing communications or partner marketing.


Interims-Manager im Marketing werden meist beauftragt, um das Tagesgeschäft "am Laufen zu halten" bis ein geeigneter Nachfolger gefunden ist, und weniger, um sich die strategischen Aspekte des Marketings zu kümmern.

Allerdings erkennen die Unternehmen auf Grund des starken Wettbewerbsdrucks zunehmend die originäre Rolle des Marketings: »Das Führen des Unternehmens vom Markt her«. Oftmals fehlt jedoch die strategische Marketingkompetenz im eigenen Hause, da das Marketing insbesondere in der IT-Branche für rein operative Tätigkeiten eingesetzt wurde (z.B. Werbung, Pressearbeit).
Mietmanager einzusetzen, kann sinnvoll sein, um die Lücke zum strategischen Marketing zu schließen. Ihre Aufgabe ist es, die Strategieentwicklung oder Teilbereiche davon voranzutreiben, dabei die dafür notwendigen Prozesse und Werkzeuge nicht nur im Marketingbereich zu etablieren und die Kompetenz der bestehenden Marketingabteilung weiterzuentwickeln, um nicht nach Projektende eine weitere Lücke zu hinterlassen.

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