You want to go to Germany?

Let us take you there...

The technology industry is driven by speed, and speed becomes crucial in the globalization process as well. Due to the long period of notice in Germany and still hard to find excellent people makes you loose precious time. Then you will loose time while your employees get into their job and set up the infrastructure. If you are an IT or Internet company (ISV) and your globalization strategy includes Europe, we can build the launching pad in Germany for you now.

What you need is an »ambassador«

who already knows the German market as well as your target market really well and who possesses strong established contacts, to be able to start establishing and representing your business in Germany now. Someone like us:

•  We find the right people and partners.
•  We set up a ready-to-start infrastructure, and all necessary prerequisites for your future team.
•  We start with your first sales and marketing activities until the team is on board.
•  We network on your behalf to boost your business (e.g. sets up sales partnerships, utilizes relationships to executive boards, etc.).
•  We stick by your side as long as needed.

We are your »embassy«

We offer you complete support in all important issues related to establishing a business. With a conceptual basis (see »Our services and procedures«) of your business activities in Germany, we create all necessary prerequisites to turn your plans into a successful experience without loosing time. We help you to enter the market with the least possible risks and reasonable expenditures on time and resources.

Our success factors

•  Well-founded knowledge, experience and connections in the IT and Internet industries.
•  Since the beginning, our services are focused on German start-ups and subsidiaries of companies from abroad, however, we all worked for large-scale IT companies before our engagement at Meyenburg Managementberatung.
•  Sales experience of many years and excellent contacts to the Top 500.
•  Strong marketing competence (see »Our Services«).
•  Strong and established network, so we know who can support you and us in all related issues.

Interested? »Our services and procedures« provide you with further information.

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