Long-term success

through effective strategies

Marketing is often equated with activities such as advertising, public relations, etc. It is for this reason that we prefer to use the term »Market Strategy« rather than »Strategic Marketing« – in other words, which strategies are appropriate to market an offer both effectively and efficiently? In order to do this it is, of course, essential to know und understand the relevant market segments; this is where marketing comes in. Marketing provides the relevant data as input for the development of a »Market Strategy«, worked out together with management and sales. The defined aims and strategies – to lend success to your customers, but also your own company – must then be converted into target-group orientated, operative marketing measures.

Together we can develop among other things marketing objectives and strategies, company and product positioning, a corporate identity and marketing and business plans. All tailor-made to meet your needs. If required, we can carry out market research and present you with detailed knowledge about your target groups, competitors, market trends, etc.

Naturally, you are also welcome to call on our strategic marketing competence if your requirements cover only a part of the strategy development, if you want to review your strategy or to develop the competence of your marketing department beyond their current operative scope.

Phases of strategic marketing

Phase: Analysis

• Market (needs, trends, growth, etc.)
• The company and products (strengths and weaknesses)

Phase: Planning

• These
• Guiding principle/vision
• Corporate Identity CI
• [Company objectives and strategies]
• Marketing budget
• Marketing objectives and strategies
• Positioning

Phase: Implementation

• See »Outsourcing your Marketing Activities«

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