About us –

The most important at a glance

Since foundation of our consulting business beginning of 1996, we have continuously enhanced our skills and extended our services (e.g. web design). One very important result of our work is the high-quality, international network of representatives of the IT industry, who are engaged in different hierarchical positions and business functions – from CIO's and IT directors, executives of Sales and Professional Services to journalists as well as agencies and freelancers e.g. in the marketing area.

This network is beneficial for you in two regards:

We co-operate with service providers, who are experts in their respective business area and deliver their services to fair conditions. In this way, we can offer all marketing services from one single source in competitive quality.
Depending on the application we can make use of this network to verify our results within your or within a comparable target group with regards to quality, effect etc. This is particularly important to us – and above all to you, as our customer – because it ensures that contents and visualization hit the mark.

We are interested in long-term partnerships with our customers, however we prefer contracts with hourly or daily rates – especially if we take responsibility for all or large parts of your marketing activities. Mainly, because the only constant from month to month is that the tasks are always different, let it be different in type or in effort. This model is extremely beneficial for you compared to fixed base or monthly fees, because you can directly influence your marketing spent at any time. Nevertheless we remain flexible: For projects which are clearly defined and assessable we offer fix price agreements, e.g. for the production of data sheets or the localization of brochures.

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